the project

What are we narrating?

Which rooms are we opening?

What do our images depict?

What secrets do words keep?

What happens when we start to listen?

What encounters do we experience?

And what roles do our hearts play in that?


We are collecting inspiring, encouraging and hopeful stories of people who work against or have faced exclusion through racism, anti-semitism or islamophobia and are trying to overcome and work towards a united progressive society.

We want to portray people who overcame borders. Borders in thinking and acting. Borders on the inside and in the outer world. People who have found ways to build bridges and positively encourage interpersonal processes. People who succeeded in overcoming difficulties in living together without losing their own identity and who know, that of the same experience there may be different narratives.

We are inviting to let our cartography grow– to fill it with portraits, quotes and life stories of many more people from our vast and diverse worlds.








We would like to thank all the people who accompanied us, supported us and helped this project turn into reality.

First of all, our deepest respect and gratitude to everyone who opened their doors, hearts and shared their stories, wounds and happiness with us.

A special thanks to VG Bildkunst, Ifa and Zippel Foundation for their financial support.


We would also like to thank-

For transciption, translation and correction: Wilfried Löderbusch, Ina Heyn, Lisa Kellermann, Thomas Kuske, Salim Kerrouche, Farina Regent, Pooja Parekh, Shraddha Gathge, Sumit Sute, Melanie Henne, Christina Schmidt.

For background information and contacts: Maike Harel, Florentine Lempp, Axel Kunert, Susanne Eikenberg, Marina Drymalitou, Kerem Çiftçioğlu, Moira Bernardoni, Nil Delahaye, Nava Sonnenschein, Lukas Welz and Amcha

For professional advise and realisation of the exhibition: Tobias Böhm, Kathrin Streicher, aff gallery and team, Josefine Raab and Stefan Becht, Ingo Taubhorn, Minu Lee, Macky.

For a home away from home: Uri and Alon, Roy and Yael Yohai Patael, Atheer Ismail and her flatmates, Emine and Ali Kelem, Emina, Onur Kücükarslan, Sefer Agbaba and Burcin Bebek, Genia lwkovicj, Debby and Shlomi Goldman Golan and their family, Tzachy Milman, Nitay Zelniker, Richard and Freda Hirschhorn, Lioba Keuck, Kathrin Streicher, Inga Müller and family, Inna Goldenberg, Vered and Uri Shavit

For the beautiful homepage design and programming: Felix Böttcher and Luzia Rux

For other financial support: Ursula Panhans-Bühler, Angelika and Heinz Henne, Kerstin and Rainer Popp, Karsten Heyn and Constanze Fricke, Ellen Klausch and Lutz Scobel, Ute and Stephan Heyn, Kommune Lossehof, Karin and Otto Schneider, Renate and Marleen Krumbiegel, Henrik Hornung, Judith Kunert, friends of Elisabeth Schulz, Regina Kärgel, Annika Salonen, Peter and Greta Heyn, Familie Kellermann, Björn Kessner, Grandma and Grandpa Schätzle, Maria Oßwald and Wilfried Löderbusch, Petra Schultze and Ralf Janik, Dorothea, Angelika Laszlo, Angelika Paul, Dieter Baumann Stucki, Frank Mittelstedt, Helmut Gunther, Natalie Wiesmar, Thomas Rösler, Erika, Ulla und Anika, Karl-Heinz Schätzle, Liliana Knecht, Regina Burkhardt, Benno and Stephanie Sandkühler, Gertrud Salm, Stephan Krahl, Peter and Gabi Schmieder, Hartwig Zilmer, Sarah Seeger, Cornelia Steffens.